WP1: Overview of developments in service industries

Objectives: This work package will consider general trends in provision of services in the EU and provide an overview of the key research issues and policy challenges to be analysed in the core workpackages.


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Full details of the workpackage can be found in the description of work, and outputs can be found below.  For further outputs of the project, please see other workackage descriptions, or browse through our Discussion Papers, Review Papers and Policy Briefs.


Task 1. Quantitative Overview

This will consist of a general quantitative analysis of performance of the EU service sector. It will include an examination of the output shares of different service industries and of services compared to manufacturing and the size of the market service sector compared to the public service sector. It will undertake an overview of trends in real output growth, productivity and sources of growth in market service industries in the EU compared to the US and other selected OECD countries. It will investigate relative competitiveness by calculating unit labour costs and will analyse trends in employment and in types of workers employed in service sectors.


Task 2. Literature reviews

This will consist of reviews of the literature and policy developments in the following areas:

  • Productivity growth and market environment, Technology and service industries
  • Globalisation of service industries


Task 3. The Financial crisis and growth

This task will review the existing literature on the financial crisis, the possible consequences and the likely impacts of policies such as greater regulation of banks. It will examine potential impacts on specific service sectors through an analysis of their use of credit.


Outputs from this workpackage

"RP6: Service Sector Performance: An introduction to the SERVICEGAP project", Mary O'Mahony


"RP5: Internationalisation of Services, Productivity and Economic Growth: Literature Review", Holger Görg (Kiel), Stefanie Haller (ESRI) and Iulia Siedschlag (ESRI)


"RP4: Regulation and Economic Performance: Literature Review",Ana Rincon-Aznar, Nikolaus Graf, Iain Paterson, Wolfgang Schwarzbauer, Richard Sellner, Stan Siebert and Canan Yildirim


"RP3: The Role of Information Technology For Service Sector Performance", Irene Bertschek, Benjamin Engelstätter, Krzysztof Szczygielski


"RP2: Intangible Capital and Productivity Growth: A Literature Review with a Special Focus on the Service Industry", Felix Roth, Anna Thum and Mary O'Mahony


"RP1: Linkages between Services and Manufacturing in EU countries", Martin Falk and Elena Jarocinska


"DP5: The Banking Sector and Recovery in the EU Economy", Ray Barrell


"DP4: The Impact of Financial Stress on Sectoral Productivity: A panel cointegration analysis", Georgios Efthyvoulou

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